APAR IY07459 on 4.3.2


This directory contains a emergency fix for APAR IY07459 specially built to be installed on AIX 4.3.2 systems.

WARNING: This e-fix is not offically part of the service stream for AIX 4.3. AIX is supported on a version and release basis. The AIX maintenance strategy does not allow maintenance levels within a version and release of AIX to be supported separately. For example, AIX 4.2 is supported separately from AIX 4.3, but AIX 4.3.2 cannot be supported separately from AIX 4.3.3. The reason for this is that he AIX installation architecture assumes that every fileset update includes all fixes in previous updates to the same fileset. The official fix for APAR IY07459 was first released in the level of the devices.pci.14108e00.X11 and devices.pci.1410b800.X11 filesets. There cannot be a 4.3.2.x level update, since any update to the devices.pci.14108e00.X11 or devices.pci.1410b800.X11 filesets between and and installed after this e-fix is installed would remove the fix for APAR IY07459.

For this reason, this e-fix for APAR IY07459 is not being made available through the normal AIX fix distribution channels. It is only being provided at this FTP site as an emergency fix for those customers that do not feel that they can immediately install the official fix for IY07459.


Download one of the following files in binary format into an empty directory.

Filename Graphics Adapter
GXT2000P.432.tar.Z GXT2000P Graphics Adapter
GXT3000P.432.tar.Z GXT3000P Graphics Adapter

To extract the file, use the following commands, where 'filename' is the file previously downloaded, and 'directory' is the directory into which the file was downloaded.


In order to ensure that all necessary requisite updates for this package are installed, the level of your installed devices.pci.14108e00.X11 or devices.pci.1410b800.X11 fileset must be at the or later level. To check the level of your installed fileset, use the following command, where 'fileset is one of the following.

Fileset Graphics Adapter
devices.pci.1410b800.X11 GXT2000P Graphics Adapter
devices.pci.14108e00.X11 GXT3000P Graphics Adapter

If your installed fileset is below the level, you must obtain the level from the AIX Fix Distribution Service at the following URL. The update images should be downloaded into the directory into which you downloaded the GXT2000P.432.tar.Z or GXT3000P.432.tar.Z files.

Requisite Installation

To install the requisite filesets, use the following procedure.

E-Fix Installation

To install the e-fix for APAR IY07459 use the following procedure. You will need 'root' authority to install the e-fix.